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My town Kristiansand

For most of you a place where you call home is where you live. Well here is a description of my town where I have grown roots as here I live with my fianceand our son. I live in Kristiansand the fifth largest town in Norway, with a population of 85,681 persons as of 1 January 2014 located in southern Norway. I have lived here for more than two years. Before that I lived in a small village outside of Kristiansand with population of about 200 which was my first location after my immigration from Iceland.The city was named after its founder King Christian IV in 1641. Many nick name "Palmekysten" or palm coast ( of course there are no palms here). Nick name is due to the fact that kristiansand is a vacation location for many locals and good tempreatures in summer ( most of the time).

IMG_20120611_153158street life kristiansand

Here in Kristiansand are located some of the larger Oil rig service companies. I work at National Oilwell Varco as a project manager in vertical pipe handing. National Oilwell is the largest of the oil service firms here due to the fact that it is American company based here in Kristiansand with 3500 employees here in Norway. Kristiansand has what most towns have to offer with some more extras such as the countrys largest Zoo and the largest shopping center in Scandinavia (mall). The town is not very densely populated such that most of the inhabitants live in private homes located in two main suburbs.

ny (2)IMG_0524

We have a small airport with some few international departures ( quite small actually) and train station down town. There is also a large ferry that sails between Denmark and Kristiansand daily. So transportation is okay antough the airport could have more departures direct to other european cities. Perhaps in the future. For now we have to use the travel opotunitiese we have here locally with conections from Oslo norway and Amsterdam Holland (most common direct routes from here).

The town center has some nice cafs restaurants both with traditional Norwegian cuisine and also international type restaurants. My favorite is actually Indian Mother Indiawww.motherindia.no and the Food Asylum Japanise sushi resturantwww.foodasylum.com/. The town center is at its best around Christmas time when the streets are teaming with life of shoppers before Christmas ny (5)and in the summer when the cruise ships arrive.
We have some many other towns; cinema, theater, library, a football team ( FK Start) and so on. Kristiansand and the local area is also called the bible belt by many Norwegians due to many Christian parishes of many types here in the southern part of Norway.

Kristiansand is a wooded area as most of the southern part of Norway and you do not need to go far to have a picnic with the family. Think last Sunday I drove 5 minutes with my daughter took with us some firewood and hotdogs sat by a nice local lake in the local woodlands. For the outdoors person this is heaven as from here you can hike, ski and fish just a few minutes away from my neighborhood.


Normally in summer we stay in the shore line cabin located just 30 minutes from Kristiansand and enjoy the costal life and in winter we take ski trips and hike in the local woods. I have never been so much out side in nature as here. Maybe because I like living here and enjoy the opertunities that I get to see and experience the area and place I call home, Kristiansand and Kristiansandmunicipality area.



We have not been so active skiing the last year due to infant parenthood, but I think that time will come soon. In fact I had never been cross coutry skiing until I moved here. Altough I come from Iceland skiing is not so popular sport where I come from.

2012-12-29 10.52.58


Here pepole have it in theyr blood to enjoy what the seasons and nature gives you and I like that. Kristiansand and Norway is a nice place to work and live.

November settles in

The autumn has been warm this fall. 12 degrees green grass and no frost. Now that we are closing to the holidays we are preparing ourselves to the cold that we are used to here in Kristiansand in winter. I remember when I first came to Norway, more snow that I have ever seen In my life and I come from Iceland. The temperature was minus 15-20 and the snow was here until end of May. I remember seeing a person on skis on the frozen Mandal River. Now almost five years later it is warmer. Global warming or not this is not normal either.

I always get a sense that Christmas is near when November begins. Christmas presents need to be organized and finance around Christmas planned.

Yesterday it was fathers day. I am so lucky to be the father of a ten year old girl and a six month old boy. Got a fathers day gift delivered to me when we woke up with some nice things to our little one to enjoy. I then spent the afternoon with my oldest one ( that lives with his mom) in the woods hiking for few hours. We stopped at a local lake and made a bonfire and grilled hot dogs over the fire. That I have not done for a while. Warmed my heart and enjoyed the company.

I wonder why we dont celebrate thanks giving. So many reasons why we should be thankful:

  • I am thankful for that I have a family. Not all do appreciate their own. Remember some people have no one.
  • I am thankful to be living in Norway and appreciate all the freedoms we have as a society and here in the Nordics we are free to live our lives are we best feel fit.
  • I am thankful to have a roof over my head and food on my plate. So many in the world have to eat to survive. I however have never thought of food as survival but as a given right. Roof over my head is not something that all have. We must remember that.
  • I am thankful that I am a father to two and have a spouse that I appreciate more and more every day.
  • I am thankful for my health. Remember to appreciate yourself. Treat yourself with respect and treat your body as your temple. You only have one, now take good care of it.
  • I am thankful for that we have not experienced war where we live. Today millions experience war every day. Thankfully we dont. Appreciate that.
  • Be thankful for the people that have made a positive difference and or helped you and had a pisitive influence in you life.

So why are we complaining?smileSome one does not have all the good things in your life.

Now surprise your nearest and dearest with an invitation for a good turkey dinner and warm welcome although this is not a local custom in some places.

Back on track new beginnings

I have not blogged for a while. I decided that I will write mostly in English as I have family and friends in the US, Norway and Iceland. So to make things easier for me I will write in English as I know most of you can read English ( I hope).

Well much has happened last couple of years. The last couple of years has been like 2 seasons of Dallas with losses and peaks. I survived the storm and here I stand.

Recently we were in Italy. It has been my dream to come there for a vacation for years. Finally we decided to take a trip to Toscana. We (me and Tonje ) took along with is our five month old son Mats and my in-laws. I got to experience Italy at its best. We drove through Chianti and visited wine yards and experienced the Italian fall at its best just after they harvested wine grapes and olives. The smell of wine production in the air in almost every small town in Chianti. Food!! what can I say, I love food and good wine and the local food did not disappoint at all. In the Montagliari wine yard (http://www.fattoriamontagliari.com/ ) we had a wine tasting and dined at the restaurant. Wild boar pasta I had for main course. That was excellent. Wild boar is one of Toscanas specialties boat in steaks and pasta dishes. Almost every day we had some Italian icecream ( Gelato) that is exceptional. If you ask for a coffee at a caf you alwas get espresso. The espresso was one of a kind. We came home with apeaceof Italy in our luggage, Lavazza coffee, local olive oil, chianti wine and local special pasta. I look forward to visit Italy again.

Italy 2014

This morning the windows of our car was frosted and winter slowly settles in. I like the fall here in Norway. I am use to the Icelandic fall where windows are often frosted in the beginning of September so this is just fine as it is here in Norway.

Now our little Mats has almos begun to crawl and we now are child proofing our home before he actually begins to crawl around. This little felow has so much energi. Some times i wander if I would hold out all the movements he performes if I would imitate his movements for an hour.

Sunnudags morgunn Noregi

dag vknuum vi snjkomu. Vi skelltum okkur lappir og fruum upp arninum til a koma hita hsi. Svo er bora heimalaga norsk brau me leggi(plegg) og tilheyrand. a er bi a sja stanslaust tvo daga. a er allt a komast uppr kssum. strs fr reyndar ekki inni leikskla strax. urfum a finna eitthva t r v. Mynda plssi er a vera bi hr blogginu annig a g skellti bara inn mynda safni Picasa Web. ar mun g setja inn fleiri myndir.

gr var slenskt nammi kvld. Fengum okkur slenskar skkulai rsnur, Lakkrs og Tpas. a fll vel krami hj llum. strs er binn a vera a sveima fyrir essu alla vikunna. dag tlum vi a fara heimskn Laudal hr stutt fr. tlum a heimskja local flk sem a Hulda hefur ekki hitt lengi.

Hr fyrir utan er mikil og strfengleg nttra. Hsi liggur dalverpi sem a tilheyrir Mandal. Hr liggja hs mefram nni sem a heitir Mandals Elva. Hsi sem a vi bum liggur einmitt vi nna. nni er bi lax og silungur. Einnig Elgir og Ddr sem a rlta um skgar ykkninu. Skgurinn hr er allstaar m segja fr fjalli og niur fjru. Vi erum umkringd skg alla kanta. Fyrir ofan hsi er skgur sem a vi eigum eftir a kanna. Hlakka miki til egar snja fer a leysa og s fer af nni. sst allur drar ljminn betur.

etta er hrein og bein nttru parads.

Normenn endurvinna og hr meframm nni endur vinna allir. Erum heldur betur farinn a finna smjr efinn af v. Hr er allt endur unni. Plast arf a flokka sr ftu. Matar afgangar sr ftu. Mlmur og anna er sett sr ftu. Svo er papprinn notaur til a kveikja upp arninum.

Kominn inn land / Logged into Norway

Jja nna morgun kom pstur fr Norsku hagstofunni (folkeregisere). Vi strs erum kominn me norska kennitlu. Hulda var me sna fyrir enda hlfur nossari. Fr san niur b og fkk mr norskan bankareikning og debetkort hj DnbNor.

Nna er hulda inni eldhsi a baka brau fyrir okkur r einni af braublndunum sem a vi keyptum ti b. Arininn mallar ar sem a hitinn er -5C. Frum kjrbina dag REMA1000. REMA1000 er svipu og krnan sland. arna frst mislegt gu veri brau nausynjar og fleira eim dr. Fyrir matgingi mig er matvruverslunin REMA1000hr hrein parads. Miki og margt sem a ekki fst slandi sem a getur veri spennandi a smakka. T.d prufuum vi gr matinn "Lapskaus" sem a er eins og ykk kjtspa me sm kjti sem a var bara gtt. Eigum san eftir a prufa Elgskjt. Grunar a a li ekki a lngu ar til a g s kominn me byssu hnd a veia slka br sjlfur.


Well the mailman finally dropped the letter of all letters to our mail box. Our Norwegian ID numbers have been issued. Hulda has one as she is half norwegian but me and strs needed new ID numbers. In the morning we whent to the bank and applied for a norwegian bank accout and debet card for me with the local DnbNor bank.

Hulda is now in the kitchen baking bread from one of the bredmix from REMA1000. The fire place is slowly warming our house as the heat out side is falling below zero to minus five to ten degrees. We went to the supermarket today REMA1000.There we can buy things we are not use to as common comodities. For a food lover like me this is paradise as there are many things to sample and test that I have not tasted before. For example we tried yesterday "Lapskaus" that is anorwegian potato stewwithvegatebles and meat. Then we have to try the localMoose meat thatI look forward to as I like that type of food.

I suspect that I will do like the locals start game hunting and get a riffle and hunting license.


Vi erum nna kominn til noregs. Feralagi gekk vel. Flugi me Icelandair var mjg gott. Vi tkum svo lestina restina af leiinni til Kristiansand. Feralagi var eitt fintr fyrir prinsessuna bnum. Hn fkk ga jnustu um bor flugvlinni (Gu blessi Icelandair) og svo bkuum vi okkur vagn lestinni sem a var me leiksvi fyrir brn. Halldr brir hennar Huldu flutti okkur svo til Mandal ar sem a vi eigum n heima (u..b 45 mntur fr Kristiansand). Stuttu seinna ea daginn eftir frum vi "Folkeregistere" og skrum okkur inn landi. ar sttum g og strs lka um njar kennitlu fyrir okkur (norska) sem a vi bum enn eftir.

Gmurinn kom sl fstudag og a tk okkur um 1 1/2 tma a tma 40 feta gminn sem a kom me essar tvr bslir. kumaurinn sem a kom me gminn sagi okkur a innihald gmsins hafi veri um 4 tonn a yngd!!!.

Veri hr hefur veri kringum -1C undanfari. a var bara fyrst dag sem a hitinn fr upp fyrir pls skalann ea 5C. Vi hfum kynnt hsi me"vi". a eru tveir viarofnar sem a vi hfum sett vi kvldin og morgnanna. a hefur duga til a a er smilega hltt kofanum.

Vi erumnna a vinna v a f okkur vinnu hr noregi og koma unganum okkar leikskla hr sem a er ekki langt fr. Myndir koma morgunn ea kvld.



We are now in norway. Our travels whent well. The flight with Icelandair was exellent. We travelled with train from Norway, Gardermoen to Kristiansand Norge. From there Huldas brother Halldr drove us from the airport to our new home in Mandal Norway. The day after we whent to "Folkeregistere" and applied for Norwegian id numbers and got registered into Norway. The container arrived last friday in the afternoon. We emptyed the 40 foot container with in two hours. The driver told us the container content "bslin" weighed over 4 tonnes. In the container was ourbelongings , furniture etc and Huldas mothers furneture and belongings. The last few days it has not been cold. The tempereture has been around -1C. Only today the temperature crawled over to the positive side of the celsius scale or 5C. We are now working on geting local jobs and getting our daughter to the local kindergarden.

Signing off – New sunrise to morrow

Last day at work for Icelandair today. Now begins my new life in Norway. Icelandair has been a major part of my working life. In fact I have worked in the Icelandair Flight Operations Department from September 1999 until today 15.January 2010. These have been a enjoyable 10 years working for Icelandair. This has been a learning curve throughout my career. Each day with new a assignments. Looking forward to each working day is a feeling not many people can experience during their career. I have in fact had the pleasure of this feeling for the last 10 years. Not because I have a boring personal life ( have a joful family life to be exact) but because of the projects, collages and the working environment Icelandair has offered for the last 10 years. For that I am grateful. All good partys must come to an end and life can show you new opportunities. Norway is exactly that. A new start with a new sunrise in the morning.

I will keep you posted. Stay tuned.

Jlasveinninn og treikningar

Var a hugsa ef jlasveinninn vri til hvernig getur einn jlasveinn fari heim til allra barna landinu og gefi eim skinn einni nttu? Svar( nrdai svari sjlfur): landinu eru um a bil 50.000 brn 12 ra og yngri.

Ef vi hugsum okkur a jlasveinninn hafi mesta lagi 6 klukkustundir (fr 2300-0500) til a fra eim llum gjf skinn mean au sofa arf hann a setja gjafir 138 sk hverri mntu(2,3 sk sekndu). Jlasveinninn arf a ferast milli staa. Ef vi gefum okkur a a s a mealtali 100 metrar milli staa ttbli er jli 0,43478 sekndur millistaa sem a er 828 klmetrar klukkustund.Jli ber mesr 50.000 sund gjafir til barna sem a hver vega um 100 grmm sem a gerir 5000 kg. Vi a a draga essi 5 tonn 230 metra sekndu myndast orka ea 132250000 joules, sem er um 69638 c. Sem a ir a jlasveinninn og hans stri poki brennur upp nokkrum sekndubrotum.

Hef s treikning fyrir Amerska jlasveininn hann brennur upp hraar v a hann ber meira me sr og okkar jlasveinar nota ekki slea.


The gut feeling tells me that what we have decided as a family is the way and the future. It is sad to leave everything here behind, but on the other hand an adventure of exploring and self motivation. In our natural essence we are explorers, explore the world explore your limits. I personally have come to the point where I must look past he horizon and take the leap of faith and my gut feeling tells me that is the way this should be.

I have taken some what a long time to come to this conclusion. I have a good career in wich has been a good one.I have risen from the man who loads the bags to the airplane with in our company almost 15 years ago until now as a the assistant to the director and chief pilot and the manager chief pilots office. This country (Iceland)of mine has made me take the hardest decision of my life the decision to leave theisland to find a better meaning full lives else where as ends do not meet financially here any more. I have thought hardabout this and this has been the once of the hardest and toughest decisions I have ever made.If we staywe would quickly be engulfed by the flames ofthe decaying remains of the economy here (read the news and check my wallet). I am generally stable and very earthbound person, for instance we have been working for the same company for many years. As Mark Twain said:

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.

Our journey has started, the compass has been tuned and heading has been set. My wife is half Norwegian and it is a good opportunity for her to get in touch with her inner selfthe other part ofhershe needs to know and for me to seek new opportunities and seek what we all desire, the answer to the meaning of life.

P.s they have some good fishing down there too!

(to be continued)

...The saga continues / .. fram heldur sagan

I woke up this morning by the sound of my daughters voice " Dad I want breakfast". I pulled my self out of bed and made breakfast for us all. I even decided much to my wifes amazement to bake Croissants for breakfast. She has told me some times that I am as romantic as a brick. I surprised her by bringing breakfast to bed ( one point ) and baking Croissant (*tji zing* one point again). Not bad getting freshly baked Croissant to bed. Two points for me yeah!!!

Afterwards I drove our little princess to her ballet lesson. While she was doing her thing I decided to pamper our car a little bit. Clean in side out.

Some times I amaze my self even though I can be as stubborn as a log some time and act as the dad in "According to Jim" show. And I found out that I still can be a little romantic some times.


g vaknai snemma morgun vi hlj. Rddin hennar strsar braust gegnum draumhmi. Pabbi g vil f morgun mat. g kva a ba til morgun mat handa familunni. kva a baka Croissiant fyrir okkur. Hulda hefur stundum sagt mr a g s jafn rmantskur og mrsteinn. kva a leirtta ann misskilning og koma og vinna mr inn nokkra rm punkta. Kom henni vart me v a koma me morgunmat rmi (eitt stig ar) og bakai Croissiant. Ekki slmt a f n baka bakkelsi rmi. Tv stig fyrir mig.

Eftir keyri g prinsessuna ballett tma. Notai tmann til a gefa blnum sm dekur. rifinn a innann og utan. Stundum kem g sjlfum mr vart me frammistu svo a g geti veri jafn rjskur og trjdrumbur og lti eins og pabbinn According to Jim.

Nsta sa


Viðar Þór Marísson
Viðar Þór Marísson



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